How to Change Kik Display Name in few click easy way

By | April 19, 2019

How to Change Kik Display Name tips and tricks of Kik you might not know, After share on send video messenger, Now we are sharing about something different topic of Kik messenger,

Hope you will enjoy this amazing collection of this most popular messenger, So lets read more about this and get it.

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 Change Kik Display Name

How to Change Kik Display Name in few click easy way

Actually there is some kind of different between username and kik display name. Most of the people want to change their kik name but they get confused which one they really looking to make changes.

Changing username on this app is really few simple step following while the other thing I mean how somebody can change his/her display name on this app,

I will be going to share a working guide on this topic. If you are one of those people who don’t know about changing kik display name or interested in making changes to display name, then you are right place, it is really simple and easiest guide where all you need is to follow the simple and easiest steps.

What is a kik display name?

When doing sign up process on Kik, you have the option to choose your name to display when other users view your profile and want to keep communicated with you.

Mostly this name appears when you chat with someone on this app and also shows in notification and friend’s contact list. In terms of how other users or people can identify you on messenger, Display name is considered as main and important factor.

How to change display name on kik?

Actually there are many reasons why somebody wants to change their display name. Sometimes some person got married and wants to change their name.

Or sometime people want to use creative or funny identity based name, then in such stages it is really necessary to have knowledge about changing display name through this app within few seconds.

In order to change the display name, you can find out the exact and same process on all of the mobile devices or smart phones except windows phone.

  1. The very first thing that you will need to do is to go to settings and there you will find out gear option,
  2. click on it and you will then select your account in settings menu.
  3. Once you are done, then there will be “Name” option displayed in menu screen,
  4. Then you will see what your current display name is showing.
  5. Click on it and new screen will prompt saying that whether you want to change your current display name.
  6. If you are interested, then you will need to enter first and last name and then hit Ok Button.

Best Kik display name tips

Now when you have decided to make changes to your display name on kik, then before doing that you should need to consider some useful tips.

First you need to think that why you want to change your name and secondly if you make changes then your friends will not be easily able to find out you in their contact lists.

So if you want to make some changes to your name, then first you will need to let know your friends on Kik.

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Before making some changes, another important thing is that you will need to consider this important thing that user some specific name that shows your identity.

I mean try to use some name that describes your interests or about you instead of using some random name. If you are able to use some creative name, then this will be much better.

Final words on Change Kik Display Name

So this is all about how to change display name on kik easily. Now it’s up to you to follow the step by step given instructions if you want to make some changes to your display name on kik messenger.

This is simple guide but most people don’t know about this, As wee share full steps guide for better understand, Maybe if you are enable to follow any step then please comment below.

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