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How to Send Stickers on Kik get Complete Info

How to Send Stickers on Kik and how to install new stickers simple guide today we are sharing with you, after share on Kik on PC and also Kik Tips Today we are sharing about Send Stickers on Kik, So ltes read more about and get it.

Stickers seem to be interesting and crazy things in world of instant messaging. A year or two years ago, first stickers were introduced in Facebook messenger and at that time, it really seems great to use them when communicating with other people.

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How to Send Stickers on Kik

How to Send Stickers on Kik get Complete Info

Now it makes us more excited to take advantage of these stickers when using kik messenger, as kik also introduced sticker’s features so that their users can utilize them when communicating with their relatives or other people on kik easily. You can find out a lot of and better stickers as compared to Facebook messenger. With the latest and new updates for iOS 8 devices, kik stickers are now best than facebook stickers. So if you are one of those people who are interested to utilize these stickers when chatting with friends or family members or other people on this messenger, then what you are waiting for, without wasting any time let’s get started to this guide.

What are stickers?

As I said earlier in the upper part of article that stickers are now became the craziest thing in world of instant messaging. With the time, improved and better versions of emojis are introduced by several messaging applications such as Facebook and this messenger etc. Interesting thing is that stickers are larger and improved versions of emojis and designed in such a way that they provide more attraction whatever emoticon you use in instant messaging. You can utilize these stickers in any emotions range such as from happy to sad, said to afraid or angry to disappointed etc and many more others. Such kinds of stickers are for everyone and every feelings and best part is that this messenger has really made them look better than previous one.

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What are Kik stickers?

Kik stickers are similar stickers as that of you can find on Facebook messenger or such kind of other instant messaging app. But in kik messenger, you can choose your desired sticker from a lot of stickers as compared to Facebook messenger. Mainly you can find them smiley store and they are introduced into smiley packs or smiley themes. You can find out various genre stickers of your desired stuff easily in smiley store on this messaging app. If you want to send these stickers to your friends or not but still you can utilize them for having fun on this app.

How to Get and Send Stickers on Kik?

In order to get and send stickers on this messenger app, you will need to follow the step by step instructions shared below:

· First of all you will need to launch the this messenger app, and then open up a conversation with any of your friends.

· Now at the end of conversation, you will find out smiley face icon next to text box. Click on it and it will bring your smiley tray where you can take a look at various stickers.

· Now select your desired sticker and it will download the sticker package on your Smartphone device. If stickers are free, then you can easily download them but if they are paid then you will need to pay some money for it.

· Once you are done with above step, then click on done option and stickers will appear in tray that appears next to text box when chatting with friends.

Final verdict on Send Stickers on Kik

So this was all about how you can get and send stickers on kik. Now it’s up to you to take advantage of these stickers on kik messenger and start utilizing them when chatting with your friends on Kik easily. Now days this messaging app doing many updates to make more user friendly and also adding many new stickers, if you have any suggestion then please suggest u.

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