Best Kik Messenger Tricks Read Messages Without Showing “R”

By | April 21, 2019

Best Kik Messenger Tricks Read Messages Without Showing “R” or How to Read Messages Without Showing “R” very popular trick of Kik  Messenger,

As you know that using tricks we can use Kk on PC and also we can install kik on any windows, So Tips and trick are really best way to use advance features of any thing.

Using tricks we can use this for PC Mac and also in more OS. So if you need this amazing Kik trick then just follow us.

In the event that you’ve become aware of WhatsApp, WeChat, Line, Viber, and so on you know the essential idea of Kik Messenger and what it can do.

Kik Messenger permits you to send instant messages, videos, representations, pictures, and so on all through your nearby WiFi association or your cell information. That way you don’t need to use your instant messages as a part of your cell plan.

One of the distinctions contrasted with WhatsApp is that you utilize a Kik Messenger username as opposed to utilizing your PDA number.

That way you don’t need to give your cell number to somebody you simply met on Kik. Messenger An alternate awesome feature of Kik Messenger that sets it separated from other comparative applications is that it has an implicit web program so you can go to sites and check Facebook and Twitter all while you’re in the Kik Messenger app.

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Tricks Read Messages

Best Kik Messenger Tricks Read Messages Without Showing “R”

An irritating aspect regarding Kik Messenger is that it always sends read receipts so individuals know whether you’ve read their message and have picked not to react.

Here and there you’re occupied and can rapidly look at a message however would prefer not to take the time to answer it. Likewise,

There are some individuals who are irritating and won’t allow you to sit unbothered and regardless of the possibility that you read their message you would prefer not to let them know that and have them get disturbed that you haven’t reacted.

With this mystery you can trap Kik Messenger into not demonstrating the “R” however just showing the “D” that the message has been sent yet never perused (actually when you read it).

Say a friend writings you on Kik and you need to peruse it however not demonstrate that you’ve perused it. There are two alternatives that I know of to “secretly ” read the message.

How to Read Messages Without Showing “R”

  1. Let’s assume you simply got a message from a companion that you need to read.
  2. In case you’re on an iPhone you can twofold click the home key which will change the screen to show screenshots of all your applications open with the goal that you can close them.
  3. This will provide for you a screenshot of the application and show the message.
  4. After you read the message simply tap the home catch again to escape from Kik Messenger while never demonstrating that you read the message.
  5. The second path is in the wake of accepting a message turn on plane mode.
  6. At that point open the Kik Messenger application and read the message.
  7. You will then need to escape from the application and you can then turn plane mode off and it won’t demonstrate that you’ve perused the message.
  8. You can see check of this strategy beneath where I sent myself a test message on Kik Messengerdespite everything it shows “D” not “R” for the second content.
  9. I wasn’t sufficiently speedy escaping from the application when messaging myself the firs time, thus why that didn’t work.
  10. Anyway that won’t be an issue on the off chance that another person writings you.

Final Verdict on Read Messages Without Showing “R”

There are many tips and tricks of  this, Some tricks giving secret features of this app. So you can try all which make you experience more better with this Messenger.

As our site always trying to share only on this, If you have any special tips and tricks of this then please suggest us, For more about Kik Messenger tips and tricks keep visit.

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