Top Kik Messenger Tips and Tricks you Might Not know

By | April 19, 2019

Kik Messenger Tips and Tricks which giving you more amazing features of Kik messenger you might not know today we are sharing with you,

Here we are giving best tips of Kik Messenger or Tricks of Kik Messenger, After share on download and installation tricks today we are talking about this.

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Kik Messenger Tips and Tricks

Top Kik Messenger Tips and Tricks

You can enjoy the unlimited texting with your friends. Kik Messenger is absolutely free and also it will not charge any more to install it in your mobile.

One more added advantage Kik messenger is You can check whether your messages are sent, conveyed, and read so you can tell in the event that somebody is overlooking you or simply hasn’t seen your message yet.

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Kik Logo In Messages

One of the cool concealed privileged insights in Kik Messenger is that you can message the logo to your companions. This is on account of Kik Messenger has gone into their application and empowered an emoji of their logo for its clients to use.

This bodes well as it aides advance their image and is a cool feature that the vast majority attempt at any rate once when they make sense of it. Fallow the below steps, to activate it.

  1. To start with, open Kik Messenger and open a conversation.
  2. If you need to utilize a current discussion that is fine, or you can make another discussion with yourself to test it out.
  3. To do that, essentially sort in your username into the Kik Messenger pursuit gimmick, end up and tap to begin a visit.
  4. Now you will need to sort in this precisely without the quotes “(KIK)” into the content box.
  5. You won’t see it change and won’t make sure it meets expectations until you hit send.
  6. Presently tap the send button and you will perceive that it didn’t send (KIK) yet it sent the genuine Kik logo.
  7. As should be obvious above it send the Kik Messenger image rather than the genuine word.
  8. This is a cool minimal mystery you can use with your friends.

Check Whether Kik Image Is Real

Unfortunately, this Messenger is too commonly used by creeps trying to chat with girls and get them to send inappropriate photos.

The fact that this Messenger  uses usernames and not phone numbers makes this even easier as there is hardly any way to verify for certain the person is who they say they are.

Case in point, you could know somebody, how about we say’s ABC, from class and need to talk with him. You gaze upward his name and discover a ABC and are almost certain its him however aren’t certain.

A ton of times individuals will request somebody to send them a photograph to check they are who they say.

Be that as it may, its very simple to take a photograph online and use it to trap individuals into supposing its themselves. That is the place this magnificently helpful apparatus becomes an integral factor.

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The tool is called TinEye, which permits you to transfer any photograph and TinEye will look truly billions of photographs to check whether there are any copy photographs.

That way you can request a photograph of the individual on Kik Messenger and run it through this device to check whether they simply downloaded it or took a screenshot from the web.

In the event that you discover the picture is utilized somewhere else that is not connected with their Facebook account or other social profile, then you know they are faking.

Be careful that some people are decent at making fake and deluding records so in case you’re still uncertain, best wagered is to not chat with the individual and square them.

On the off chance that you know them truth be told, request their username when its all said and done and verify you never give out individual data, for example, your last name, where you live, cell number, and so forth.

People Into Thinking You’re Typing On Kik

The following Kik  Messenger mystery is an approach to trap your companions into supposing you’re writing a message to them when you’re truly not.

You may not know however when you’re in a discussion on Kik Messenger you can take a gander at the top and it will demonstrate the name of the individual you’re visiting with.

At the point when that individual is writing it will demonstrate that they are. For example, in case you’re messaging with John Smith and John begins writing a reaction to your content, it will indicate as “aaa is writing..” at the top.

Now aims to get this incredible mystery. It’s really basic, you’re going to change your showcase name. Note, you can’t change your username ever however you can change your showcase name at whatever point you need. Go through the below steps,

  1. Open the Kik Messenger application and tap on settings.
  2. Tap on “Your Account”
  3. Select Name and change your last name to “is writing… “ without the quotes.
  4. Presently, at whatever point somebody is talking with you on Kik they will think you’re always writing and will be super befuddled.
  5. You can simply change your name back to your unique name in the event that you become weary of it.

These are the best tip and tricks of Kik messenger. You can try them and enjoy the Kik messenger services on your mobile, laptop etc. If you have suggestion about  Kik Messenger then please give us,

We will add you secret tips and tricks in our article, Finally thanks for visit our blog and keep vist for more Top secret Kik Messenger Tips and Tricks.

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